Norse & Nordic Oxford


Norse & Nordic Oxford is a guidebook to the city of Oxford and thus an important part of the Nordic cultural and academic history. The book is written in English.


(Norse & Nordic Oxford er en guidebok til byen Oxford og dermed en viktig del av vår kulturelle og akademiske historie. Boka er skrevet på engelsk.)

ISBN- 978-82-93512-00-4

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What does King Harald, Queen Margrethe, Ludvig Holberg, Roald Dahl, Nordahl and Edvard Grieg, Kris Kristofferson, Magnus Magnusson and Risto Penttilä have in common? Answer: Oxford!

What inspired the Oxford professors J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis when they invented the fantasy genre and created Middle-earth and Narnia? Answer: Norse mythology and the Finnish national epic Kalevala!

Finally, the book about the astonishingly many Nordic connections to Oxford is here! These are connections which have been present before Oxford became a city, in the form of Norse settlements in the area – which still bears the name of the Nordic favorite saint; St Clement.

Norse & Nordic Oxford concerns not only a cultural and academic history, it is also a full-fledged city-guide to Oxford. Here you will see Oxford’s architecture, art, music, Christianity, literature, languages, sports and lots and lots of other things, through Nordic glasses.

The book is written in English by Ann-Turi Ford, English born author, local journalist and singer – and Richard O. Smith, acknowledged humour writer and Oxford Guide. 220 pages, richly illustrated.


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